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123 Car Loan has been helping people with bad credit to secure a
bad credit auto loan after experiencing tough times. Nearly
everyone living in Canada has gone through a period
where money problems have occurred. It is after these times in our
life, we find out how difficult financial arrangements can be. Life still
goes on. We still need cars to drive the kids to school, to go to work
and to shop for the necessities of life. The world doesn't stop because
our credit slipped

Bad credit car loan is a special form of small loans bad
credit that requires years of expertise. We have come up with a
unique way of helping good people who need an auto loan.
We can provide you with the tools needed
to give you and your loved ones a second chance. No matter your
credit situation, if it's bad credit, slow credit, and even no credit at
all. We guarantee you a car loan approval in less than 24h.

1. Bring your most recent pay stubs and or Bank statements showing
year to date income with you to the dealership.

2. Bring a copy of a utility bill with you. Make sure you are able to
prove your resident.

3. If you have any outstanding or past do accounts or bills, and you
are making payments, bring a copy of that document with you.

4. Try to come up with as much money as you can to use as a down
payment. Any time you can put some money down as a down
payment, the better chance you have of getting a bad credit auto
loan. Make sure you keep enough cash on hand to cover your car
insurance. The bank or the Lender will require full coverage
insurance with the loan. Remember, a car used as a trade-in is
considered the same as a down payment to most banks and lenders,
every little bit helps. Any lien on that trade does have to be paid off and is part of the new loan.

5. Keep you purchase reasonable. An expensive sport utility vehicle
will have less chance of getting approved than a smaller car that gets